These are dumb, but I still laugh.

It’s nice to see that no matter who wins today we should get an entertaining Super Bowl out of it. If I ranked the possible matches in order of what I want to see, it’d go like this: 1) Chiefs-Saints, 2) Chiefs-Rams, 3) Patriots-Saints, 4) Patriots-Rams.


Patriots-Rams is the only one that seems a bit off to me. Even with the history of Tom Brady getting his first Super Bowl win against the Rams, for some reason I don’t care as much about it as the other 3. If I’m completely honest, it’s pretty much a tie between the first 3 matches. Even though I don’t want to see the Pats in another damn Super Bowl, it would be fantastic to see them play the Saints. How cool would it be if Drew Brees gets his 2nd ring with both wins coming against HOF QBs?

Rams at Saints: My gut feeling is that the Saints will win this one. I’d be genuinely shocked if the Rams pull it off. That said, I’m rooting for C.J. Anderson to have a good game. GO GET ‘EM, CHONK.


Patriots at Chiefs: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KC, WIN THIS FUCKING GAME. I’d rather spend the next two weeks listening to Patrick Mahomes’ weird voice in interviews than hear the incessant bleating about how great the Pats are. WE KNOW. That’s how much I’m tired of it, I’m openly cheering for a hated division rival.

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