NFL Open Thread, Championship Sunday edition

Update: Chiefs are in. Packers-Niners up now.

Sorry, Pat.

Here it is, last stop before the Super Bowl. I think we can all admit that collectively everyone is hoping for a 49ers-Chiefs or Packers-Chiefs Super Bowl, even if everyone probably hates at least one of those teams. I doubt anyone is really hoping the Titans get there... which is why I want them to. My team’s season sucked (until the last few weeks, anyway) so I just want to watch the world burn.


Here’s how I would position the possible matchups:

The best possible game: 49ers-Chiefs. This one has the most potential to give everyone a memorable game. I really want to see what the Chiefs’ crazy offense can do against the Niners’ defense. From my past experience, a strong D always seems to win in the end. My prediction would be Niners over the Chiefs by a touchdown.


What the league probably wants: Packers-Chiefs. It would be really cool to cap off the league’s 100th season with a Super Bowl I rematch. I hope the result is the same, too. Fuck the Chiefs.

Could be interesting: Packers-Titans. This one strikes me as an entertaining possibility. The Titans are supposed to lose against teams like this but keep winning. And the Packers keep on chugging along knocking people out. I think this would be a toss-up.


Please, God no: 49ers-Titans. For some reason this seems like it would be a bad game. I think the Niners’ D would stop pretty much everything the Titans would try, and their offense would overwhelm the Titans.

Which one would you prefer to see?

I’d like to add in closing, I’m enraged that Randy Gradishar got snubbed YET AGAIN by the Hall Of Fame voters. I’m tired of this bullshit. He should have gotten in a long time ago.

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