FYI for any new Opponauts, I usually post an open thread every Sunday about an hour before the early games start. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier. Talk shit, brag (or complain) about your team, whatever. Honestly, there hasn’t been much sports-bro douchery in these threads because this isn’t Deadspin. Mostly everyone is cool with each other.

If anyone didn’t already know, I’ve been a Broncos fan ever since The Drive. I was in 6th grade when it was all happening, and we had just moved to Denver from Colorado Springs during that season. I hadn’t been much into football before that, but that game was all it took to get me hooked. Then I sat through every Super Bowl loss as each loss got progressively worse. Then there was that loss to the Jags in the playoffs in the ‘96-’97 season that made us all suicidal. But then the ‘97 season came, and the best thing ever happened to me: I won a trip to Super Bowl XXXII. I had never been to an NFL game in person before at all, and I got to watch my team win it in person. I can’t even put into words how awesome that was. Then I watched Super Bowl XXXIII at the Paramount Theater in downtown Denver and that was really fun also. After that, there were a few meh seasons until Jake Plummer arrived. When the Broncos played the Patriots in the ‘05-’06 playoffs I was in my hotel room in Windsor, Ontario watching (I went to Detroit for NAIAS that year). I’m still stunned that no one called the front desk to complain about my joyous screaming when Champ picked off Tom Brady and ran it back to the 1-yard line. Then Cutler happened (*vomits*), and Hurricane Josh, and Tebow, and Peyton. Broncos fans are spoiled. We’ve had more Super Bowl appearances than losing seasons since Pat Bowlen took over the team. That’s amazing.


Anyway, let’s talk about your team’s off season, preseason, and their roster choices. Who do you hope stays or goes? Are you looking forward to the season or dreading it? Are you the least bit surprised the Raiders would trade away their best player before the season started? (I’m not. LOL RAIDERS.)

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