Update: WOW. What a way for the playoffs to start. Deshaun Watson is A BEAST.


Does it seem weird to anyone else that they did both AFC games today and NFC games tomorrow? I had to go back and look, and it’s not the first time that’s happened, but it seems odd not to have one of each on each day. Anyway, here we go...


Bills at Texans: As much as I’d love to see a Bills-Vikings Super Bowl (because one of them HAS to win, right?), I don’t think it will happen. Then again, which Texans team shows up... the one that took down the Patriots and made Tom Brady look very old, or the one that went down 38-3 to the Broncos before the Broncos got bored with playing defense and quit trying? I don’t know. I don’t get ABC very well at my place so I’ll probably have to go for a drive and listen to it or head for my local cigar lounge.

Titans at Patriots: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TITANS, PLEASE END OUR COLLECTIVE SUFFERING. Knock these fuckers out. There will never be a better chance to get rid of the Pats than this year. DO IT. PLEASE!


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