If you didn’t see the Bills-Texans game yesterday, you missed a classic. This should be a candidate for game of the year. Deshaun Watson getting away from a sack to complete the pass to Taiwan Jones to get in position to kick the game winner was a work of art.

And this one wasn’t bad, either. Plus.... THE PATRIOTS ARE ELIMINATED! The Titans reward is.... oh. Sorry, guys. You’re probably going to be sacrificed to the Ravens. You know what, though? I’m not counting the Titans out yet. I expect the Ravens to keep rolling, but I’ve seen all kinds of divisional round upsets and nothing can shock me anymore.


Here’s hoping the games today can measure up to yesterday’s games. That was awesome.

Vikings at Saints - I want to see Drew Brees win another ring, but if the Vikings somehow win this game they better make it to the Super Bowl. I still would like to see a game with two teams that haven’t won one before. I expect the Saints to win, though. The football gods can’t keep being this cruel to them, can they?

Seahawks at Eagles - I want to say the Seahawks have the advantage, but I don’t have a good feel for the Eagles. Hell, I’ll just pick the Seahawks and be done with it. This game sort of seems like it would be the dud of the four, doesn’t it?


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