I bough Heat a last Tuesday because I was bored and it was on sale. I grew up with Underground 1,2, and Nost Wanted:Black List I loved those games. To me every NFS game once has been a disappointment.

Heat is the first one I’ve played, and enjoyed since MW. I played Carbon it was fine, but too short. Prostreet, Shift and Hated them, Undercover was okay, but I never enjoyed it. Didn’t play Hot Pursuit 2, the Run was just a series of cut scenes, the new Most wanted was Burnout. NFS2015 looked could but I hated the driving physics, and the city’s layout.


Payback pissed me off when I couldn’t take my car drag racing because it was a drift car, and I couldn’t change that.

Anyway Heat feels like an Underground game, the driving physics the story that is there but not too much. I have complaints, like graphics layout thing isn’t as easy to use as Forza’s. Also the customization isn’t NFSU2 levels of bronzers, There’s only a few option for neons, no sound systems, no under hood neons, no roof scoops, only a few body kits for most cars, only tinted taillights for most cars no actual custom ones, and no way to change your gauge cluster which was one of my favorite thing in NFSU2 which I don’t think any other game has done.

But I am having fun. I like the ability to switch between day and night and how the game changes depending on which you choose.

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