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NFS Payback is actually fun

And I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise.

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I don’t even know what the story is behind the game, I just enjoy driving around the map, finding the hidden cars, messing around. The Map is so much more diverse than anything else I’ve played (Aside from the crew 2 maybe) Also the customizability is by far the best of any current game, you can modify just about anything on the car it seems. And the details as far as dirt and whatever collecting on the cars is way beyond the crew 2, and maybe even Horizon 3 levels. Graphics even are good, no lack of detail to cars and environment around you that I’ve noticed.

It’s a damn shame its physics are terrible,I hate doing races. All the cars want to do is drift around corners and that’s the only way to win races it seems, you can’t win unless you slide around trying to carry all your speed. Play it like you play a sim, or Forza 7 or similar, you just get passed and blown away by the other cars, unless you turn difficulty down maybe. If it wasn’t for the driving physics I would play this game endlessly. I hope that eventually the developers come around and stop this trend of drifting is winning on NFS.


There has been discussion from EA asking people what they think the best NFS game was. Which I only can hope means that they will go back and see what made those so great and go back to that era and recreate it as best they can on the current generation. I can’t find any of the posts on Reddit, or twitter where they did this, but I remember the favor leaning to the old Most Wanted and definitely to Underground era games, which Underground was the first game I actually played the career of. So that game has some sentimental value for me at least.

Until they do that, I’ll play Horizon, and the crew, hoping they actually fix the physics of the current NFS games, and do something great.

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