As you don’t care, we are moving from Denver to the Seattle area. House is almost completed, target sale of late August.

We were all set to follow through when my wife hit a snag this week. She has to stay in Denver till December because of schooling so we are trying to work out logistics. I’m thinking that I’ll head up in September with the truck and camper. Find a place that’ll let me sit long term whilst house shopping. Her parents are leaving as well but don’t want to offload their Altima, so a good situation is she has a room to rent and their car to drive. Which leads me to what the hell do I do with muh Camero?


Part of me is thinking that I get up there with 3/4 of the pets. I find someone reputable to watch them over a weekend as I fly back and drive the car out. Another is maybe finding someone here that’ll drive the car out and I’ll fly them back. Or have her drive it back, but a Z28 with no nannies does not mix with Rocky Mountain winters and also what do with the Altima?

I could ship it but that’s expensive. What do, Oppo?

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