Nibby Bait

The only file on the disk was an MP3, timestamped December 2000. Someone was ahead of the times! I don’t know where this disk came from, it was in the box with the drive, but they liked Neil Young.

Decided to finally get my parallel port ZIP100 drive working on the Windows 95 machine. Naturally, I had diskettes with the drivers for 98 on them, but not 95. After some internetting, I was able to locate the appropriate ones and get everything set up (needless to say, this file is now also on a diskette with the W98 ones).

This brings the total storage on this machine to:
A: - 5.25" floppy
B: - 3.5" floppy
C: - HDD (actually a CompactFlash card on an IDE adapter, so SSD?)
E: - USB 1.0 Flash Drive
F: - ZIP100



All this, and I still find myself sometimes pining for an IBM PS/ValuePoint for nostalgic reasons (was the first computer I used with any regularity).

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