Nibby Bait - 2 Sockets, 12 Cores, 16GB RAM, GTX 750, 90s Dell Case

I scored a free server board recently. Inspired by Project Beigelake, I decided to launch my next project. The board came with a pair of Xeon E5645 CPUs (6 cores each, clocked to 2.4GHz each) and a pair of Xeon E5630 CPUs (4 cores each, clocked to 2.53GHz each).


Some fun facts about the board:

- LGA 1366.

- 8 PWM fan headers.

- Support for over 100 GB of an extremely wide variety of RAM.

This board will join a GTX 750, 16 GB of RAM (8GB per socket), and a Dell Dimension 4100 case.

Funding for this project is secured by selling a MacBook, a 12 Core Opteron CPU, and an iMac G3. Total cost will be under $200


Nibby, how did you handle cooling in this case?

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