I had to go and run some errands, and on the way back, saw these parked behind a garage. The photos I got weren’t great since the area was fenced off, and I had other stuff which needed doing, so I couldn’t stay there for too long. There was also a Morris minor and another escort which I wasn’t able to get a good picture of. The first car there was the Volvo 240 above. I don’t know enough about these to say much other than that this thing was near showroom condition; the interior still looked new, the trim was all still shiny and from what I could see, there wasn’t any rust either

Next up was this Granada Scorpio, again, in pretty great condition. This was behind a big sign, so I couldn’t get a good look at it. It’s a 5 door one though, and this are pretty rare now, especially in such good shape

Mk2 Granada! Probably in the best shape of all the cars here, I never see these at all, since banger racing pretty much killed them off altogether


And finally, this mk4 escort RS Turbo. I love these things, but this ones definitely seen better days - lots of filler and primer patches and rust which hasn’t really shown up in the pictures, as well as missing body kit parts, and probably an engine that isn’t running.