2004 IS 300 sedan — but there’s more! It’s a 2004 Sport Design with a manual transmission, which is the best configuration* (*unless you want a wagon). All options, and rare two-tone interior, sport wheels, graphite (whatever they call their dark gray paint).

Description make it look well loved, very minimal wear, especially the interior.

But... The seller seems to [Mr. Regular voice] know what he haaaaaaas. He wants 16 large for it. Six... teen!

When you consider an auto non-Sport design with some problems in that strange purple-blue color just sold for over 13k on BaT, makes me wonder why this seller doesn’t consider the same route.

As much as this would be nice, this is “nice E91 RWD MT” territory. And about 4 grand more than a really good Z4 Coupe 3.0si MT. If only this package was available on the SportBoi...


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