Today was a “fix all the small things I’ve been putting off” kind of day. Spent about 5 hours outside handling these minor repairs on my Miata. What I accomplished today:

  • Soldered my passenger speaker wire connection (was previously duct taped).
  • Disabled my wonky power locks that were unlocking/locking on their own (pulled the fuse, don’t use them anyways).
  • Soldered my rear defroster wires (connector is busted).
  • Fixed some panel gaps between my front bumper and the fenders.
  • Greased up a rear caliper piston that was sticking and dragging the pads intermittently on the rotor.
  • Vaccumed out my very dirty interior and engine bay (mainly salt and sand everywhere).

Fairly successful day of car work and I am quite happy to have those minor annoyances handled. Bigger problems to tackle include my rear quarter panel that still needs cutting and welding, passenger door is still silver, coolant is leaking from somewhere (slowly), and my shocks are in need of replacement. Going to be ordering from flying Miata to get some coilovers to solve the suspension problem!

I’ve got hyper yellow fog lights now, which while a little rice, I still think they look good. And they are no brighter than stock bulbs so they won’t be blinding anyone.



You can’t tell what is in my crockpot but it is Ribs drowned in Sweet Baby Ray’s, onions, green peppers, and sweet potatoes. Gonna be a good dinner to top off the day!