Rebuilt this nasty trashed shifter and put in my Moss rubber Miata floor mats. Amazing how trashed this shifter is for a car with just 100k miles on it.

There was plenty of dust coming through those torn-up boots

Got the shifter assembly out easily enough

And slapped the new one it. Getting the old lower shift boot off was a huge pain that involved having to cut it off. Getting the new one on required filing down a bit of the lever a bit, which isn’t unheard of by any means.


Got the shifter bits all put back on with loads of grease to get everything to slide on, especially the VERY tight-fit rubber boots.


Interior all put back together cleaner than it was!

And here’s a shot of the floor mats. I knew I wanted rubber instead of carpet floor mats and as it turned out these are roughly 1/3rd the cost of good carpet mats, and have “Roadster” script on them and some pleasingly grippy sharp rubber nubs on the bottom (as opposed to the utterly useless rounded-off nubs on the bottom of, say, generic Autozone floor mats). Fitment is excellent and they stay in place very well. Well worth the money.


Went for a drive and holy wow the shifter is an improvement. I used to toy around with the play in the shifter while driving, wiggling it a tad back and forth before/after gear changes, but now there is no wiggle. Just solid positive engagement. The new shift boots give it a heavier centering feel and makes it far easier to tell where in the shift range I am. No more missing 2nd gear!