Hey guys, welcome to anther installment of Nice...or rice..?

Today's topic: Not-for-your-market badges on your car.

I have Toyota bB badges on my Scion xB. As we all know the JDM xB was named the bB and sold as a Toyota. But you probably figured that out from the first sentence. Is this rice? I also have an Altezza front badge on my IS 300,

have acquired a JDM Altezza badge, which will replace the "IS300" on my trunk.


What do you guys think? Is it rice to have badges of the JDM version of your car on your car?


I should mention it's not a "full" badge conversion, as I wouldn't put a Toyota badge on my xB, and I'm not going to put Toyota badges on my IS 300 either. The front will keep the "L" and "Altezza" while the back will read "Lexus" "L" "Altezza."