I am in no way endorsing this listing, but hey. I’ve had two of these back to back, starting in 2009 and obviously I’m a fan. This is the lowest-mileage example I’ve seen in years, and looks to be clean, straight, etc, at least from the pictures. Anyway, manual AWD straight six wagon!

The biggest hurdle I see here is the probable lack of service records. One owner though... maybe they got them. If it checked out, I’d talk them down to $5k from $6k and leave quite happy. Put aside $1000 for some PM in the first year. These are pretty easy to work on and literally everything has been documented on the web by now.

What’s funny is my first one of these was black. I really confused some people when I bought a blue one - I’d love to get another black one haha. But I think my wife would kill me, we already have three cars; four if you count the truck.

ETA: kinja seems to remove the link... sometimes.