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Nice Price!

Picked up this Bad Boy last week for the Always Nice Price of Free Dollars, from a friend:

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His yard is steep, and he really wants a self-propelled mower. This one is self-propelled, but needs a belt, needs rear wheels, new blades, and... I think that’s it? But he’s like, “a whole new mower is only like twice as much as just the parts, so... here. Free.” I obviously brought him some beer.

And hell yeah I’ll spend $50 making this a bit better. The idea was that I’d beat around on our land hitting sticks and rocks and who cares about what happens to this, but then I realized how easy it is to just mow small sections and/or edges of our lawn with this, as opposed to our riding mower. So... I’m gonna fix it at least a little. Our yard is flat so I don’t care about the self-propelled bit, but the belt is only like $13 so why not? It’s kind of a pain to push against the transmission, to be honest. But hey, it does a pretty nice job as-is!


Oh, and he said “at least it always starts on the first pull” which I assumed was a way of saying it’s reliable, but no, really. It had been stored for the winter with no fuel in it, he ran it dry in the fall. I put some gas in it, expecting at least two pulls starting from bone dry, but no. First pull, vroom!. Gotta love a Honda!

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