This 1968 Baja Bug found on the Hampton Roads Craigslist looks the part: not shiny so you won't feel bad about scratching the paint when you Orlove it, most of the work is done, comes with a small list of new parts installed. Has dual Solex carbs, chrome racing headers, a neat loking roof fack, and damn, it's a Baja bug! All for the reasonable sum of $2500.

Illustration for article titled Nice Price or Crack Pipe? 1968 Baja Bug

The car does however need a few cryptic things to make it complete: brakes, minor body work, a battery, and paint. I would do away with the paint if the car looks like in the pictures: it looks good as is. The problem are the details: what brake repair and body work is needed? All new brake system? All new floor pans? Either way, it could be cheap to someone with the skills and a garage.

So what do you say for a 1968 Baja Bug being sold for $2500? Crack Pipe or Nice Price?


Just don't Orlove it!

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