Nice Price or Crack Pipe: 1989 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

I dont know why but for some reason I was up early this morning watching Motorweek retro review viedoes and came across their review of the ‘89 Thunderbird SC. They voted it one of the best sport coupes you can buy at the time.

So that got me looking for some for sale. Finding none in the entire state of California, I found 8 in the whole country. All are in good shape surprinslgy. But this one example stood out


For sale at a dealer in Plymouth Michigan called Vanguard Motor Sales, they have this ‘89 example with just 37,091 miles on the odo. Its clean as hell. Everything is original and in excellent condition. But the list price? They’re asking $32,900. This is even more than most examples of the last gen retro T-bird that went away in the 00's. What do you guys think? NP or CP?


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