So one of my roommates was looking for a car. He wanted something that was easy to maintain and good on gas (a.k.a. slow and boring). We were scanning through Craigslist and I came upon this...


Do you want to be the late 1980's? This is the quintessential piece of late 80's early 90's Chrysler technology. Not to be confused with a K-car, the Chrylser LaBaron is the pinnacle in boxy small car innovation. And better yet, it's a convertible, so tall people can sit in the car.

Tired of boring gray interiors coated with leatherette? Well this beaming beauty has a bold RED interior with seats made from an entire Home Depot's supply of red carpeting (no cutting corners here). Heat, A/C, cruise control, memories of the Gulf War, it has everything an early 90's car buff could want.


29,247 miles, $3950. Are you on board, nice price or crack pipe?

(I can't add a poll...)

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