Nice Price or Crack Pipe? Audi 80 TSD Rally Car

Late night with insomnia, what do I do? Surf, of course!

Today's find is one of those cars that fell below the radar when new, but now seem much more enticing. I am talking about the Audi 80, aka the Audi 4000 in the USA. The Audi 80/4000 was a mid sized family sedan that was somewhat boring, but then it was spiced up with the quattro system and a 5-cylinder engine. This particular example doesn't have either the sought after quattro system, nor the venerated 5-pot motor. This 1983-model car started life as a 1.6-liter engine car, but now has a 1.8 engine, putting out a whopping 88 hp.


What sets old beige grandpa-mobile apart is the fact that this is a TSD-rally prepped car. The seller states that the car has participated in the 2012 and 2013 Steyermark Winterally (Styria Winter Rally) in Austria, and that the car is prepped with many new parts, including sports suspension, winter tires, Hella 3000 fog and long range lights, sports seats and harnesses, and fire extinguisher.

The car had originally 55,000 km on the 1.6 drive-train, and the rebuilt 1.8 engine and transmission in the car now have around 10,000 km of use. The original 1.6 engine and transmission are also coming with the car. The interior of the car shows a bracket for attaching a rally computer, a map light mounted on the center console, and a professional-looking installation for the new external lights. This car looks the part of a TSD-rally prepped car.


The asking price for this veteran TSD-rally car is 2,200 Euro. Is that too much money for Opa's beige machine, or is this a fair price for a slow(er) rally car?


On the Steyermark Winterrally website we can find one picture of this car in motion:

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