This gorgeous 1976 Fleetwood Brougham appeared on Palm Springs Craigslist recently, and it is extremely nice.

Bask in all 233.3 inches of full full full sized jumbo jet luxury from the time you could still smoke in an airplane.


Soft wool like cloth upholstery beckons you to sit while carpeted footrests, a Fleetwood only touch, encourage you to put your feet up, light up a stogie from one of the 4 available ashtray and lighter combinations and peruse the racing form while you wait for Tommy Thumbs to come back with this weeks numbers take.


1976 represent the last gasp of a unique Fleetwood model within the standard Cadillac line up, after 1976 Fleetwoods became “deluxe DeVilles” essentially, losing things like an extra long wheelbase and longer body like this 1976 has.


Some of the numbers on this car are staggering, 233.3 inches, just a hair under 20ft, and 8.2 liter 500 cid engine making what seems like a low 190hp but combined with 360 lb-ft at a diesel like 2800 rpm ensures that all 5300lbs of Brougmigula moves off the line at a stately pace.


So Nice Price or Nicest Price Ever?

You decide.

($8500 bucks BTW)

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