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Nice Price? Spoiler alert: I say yes.

Never mind the inexplicable filter on all the pictures. Here’s a 5-speed BMW wagon for sale near me that I’d give a nice price for the following reasons, some more obvious than the others.

In case of kinja attack:

  • Wolfeboro is generally a wealthy lake town with a lot of summer-only residents. I’m betting that’s why they say ‘stored for the last 5 winters’ not because it wasn’t running or whatever. It’s their summer car. Good.
  • There’s a decal on the back (left of the license plate) from a local place where I’ve bought a lot of cars over the years, they seek out the nicest examples they can find, and they specialize in BMW, in particular wagons and manuals. Another good sign.
  • OK I know there’s a dog in one picture, and chickens in the background, but honestly that’s not a surprise for Wolfeboro. It’s some old guy who can’t turn off the filters on his cell phone camera, or be bothered to shoo a chicken out of a shot.
  • It’s a 528 Manual. Even more rare than a 525 manual wagon.
  • Most of the maintenance items listed are typical stuff; it sounds like they took very good care of the car mechanically.
  • Bottom line: A well-maintained, not-rusty, manual 5-series from the venerable E39 platform, for under $5k? YES

Overall it looks like a good, honest description from a guy who lives in a wealthy lake town and wants to get some decent money for his well-maintained older BMW. I wish I was in the market for one.

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