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Forester won't restart. Again. This car hates school drop off.

Back in 2016 this;


Now it’s happening again.

2008 Forester plugged in from 3am to 8am, outside weather is -18C, engine coolant temp is 20C. Car starts first thing, warms up for 10 minutes, drives for 10 minutes, parks at the school, kids get out and get walked in.


Car doesn’t start. Fuel pump sounds, starter goes, engine turns over, won’t run.

1) rtfm suggests 1/4 gas while turning over. nope.

2) rtfm suggests pedal to the floor start. nope.

Wife has enough time to try it 10 more times, text me, get angry, get frustrated, text me to come get her so she’s not late for work. I get 5 minutes away from my office and it starts.


Things that are weird;

I was out on the weekend trying it in the driveway, not plugged in -20C cold start it started 10 in a row, then 20 minutes later another 5 cold starts. I could not get it to have the same trouble as school drop off does.


Newish batt (2016). New plugs (2016). Low mileage since (~1000km).

Runs 100% every day, the rest of the year - no codes, no issues..

Suspect list;

-Coolant temp sensor. Only temp related thing.

-Fuel pump (should be showing other symptoms though?)

-Starter (should be showing other symptoms though?)



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