Can someone help me get a little more illuminated on the layman monikers for the current car designs out there? It’s clumsy to say FR or Front mid or Mid rear or rear and then have to clarify, and also, it’s not entirely apt as it’s about bodywork, really, which the drivetrain layout correlates to but won’t correlate 100%.

Front mid engine - I’ve been calling them long noses, but there has to be a better term, like the M Coupe Clownshoe. Can we call them all clownshoes or should we call them running shoes? What’s the design nickname for long nose engine behind the front wheels?


Rear mid engine - for lack of a better term, I call them wedges, but that hasn’t really been true since the 90's. They’re shapely wedges now. Artisanal wedges? What do you call them?



And this is clearly a Beetle so no worries there.