Night Oppo

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Since it’s now up for consignment I guess I can post this! I saw this in August this year at Music City Motorcars in Nashville, but didn’t post it. Now, note the “NO PHOTOS” sign in the windshield (I’m a rebel, I know). Approximately 5 seconds after I replaced my phone in my pocket after taking the picture, one of the staff came up and reminded us not to take pictures, explaining that the car belonged to the owner of the dealership, and that since it was one of one, if a picture of it in a showroom were posted online, Ferrari would find it, assume the car was being offered for sale (it wasn’t), and harass the owner for trying to flip the car. But now it’s up for sale, so, uh, here you go. An incredible spec for sure, and easily the coolest car I’ve seen all year (maybe ever???), aside from the Mclaren P1 VP4, which I saw in February at McLaren Atlanta.


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