There's a genre of electronic music that is rooted in car culture and racing. I call it Nightdrive music while others call it Outrun.

It's a sub-genre of Synthwave as the style borrows heavily from the 80's, but it also draws inspiration from racing videogames. I find this music is best enjoyed while driving at night. It's very atmospheric, high paced, and transports you into the middle of an action movie.

Many of these songs have no official videos; most are put together by fans using clips from movies. Above is one of my favorite songs from Lazerhawk's Redline, below is another:

The number of record labels releasing this type of music is growing all the time. Here are some established labels that have been around for years:

Rosso Corsa Records


Future City Records

Werkstatt Recordings

Aphasia Records


When the sun goes down: grab an album, jump in the car, and go for a cruise.