It’s been a few weeks since I blew up the coolant overflow hose because I’m an idiot and did not get a vented overflow tank, work has been a little crazy, and my roommate has been on nights so I’ve been riding the GSXR when I need to take a bike in and skip those pesky tolls (Motorcycles in EZpass lanes around me are considered HOV and get free use).

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I got a new vented overflow tank a few days ago but had to paint it since raw polished aluminum doesn’t really go well with the look of the bike. It’s actually on in this picture but I assure you it’s boring and not worth the effort of moving the bike to get a picture.

I was able to get the new tank on, put new hoses on (Got rid of the ugly orange one from the last tank as well), take it for a test ride, and wash it to get all the dried coolant off. I’m still fairly certain that the radiator fan needs replacing as I think it overheats a little too quickly, but that’s a problem for later. I even bent the lower radiator support bracket back straightish so that it’s not rattling on the exhaust anymore.


Looking at my list of things to fix, I’ve gotten past all the critical needs, mostly it’s just buying better headlight mounts, getting a tank bag, getting the stock suspension put back on, and eventually molding a new tail for a more cafe look.

In other news, I just pressed buy on an Ender3. Aliexpress app has it for $168, $30 cheaper than using a computer. I might be teaching myself 3D modeling sooner than expected.


Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to make it to Tail of the Dragon next month, too much stuff right around that day for work and family make it a hard sell, plus I’m moving in December, and as a government employee, likely looking at another fiscal cliff shutdown in October... Maybe next time?

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