Ninja LIVES!

After getting everything wired up, mounted, torqued down, taken back off, remounted, retorqued down, and tested I took the Ninja to a local bike shop. Their first question? “Did you actually ride this here?!”

Well, fuck.

As it turns out, though a ZX6R rim has the same size, bolt pattern, and disc mounting pattern, the bearing size is different in both inner and outer diameter. By a lot. While I didn’t notice it on the stands (Or on the road for that matter) the wheel could move in the races and thats really not good for my continued health. Other issues were the forks not being aligned in the trees, and the front brakes needed to be bleed. I had them align the forks for me, and they told me to trailer it back.


So I rode it back home.... Carefully(ish).

I am not a smart man.

In the picture above, I’ve already mounted my new Ninja 1000 rim, verified the bearing sizes, had the tire mounted and balanced, and had the shop check it over. Also, I’ve mounted the mirrors and horn, which I did not have when I went to the shop.

Today though, I bled the brakes, the last thing on my safety and imminent danger list. I immediately forgot to tighten down the cap and had to walk of shame down the road to get it back, but she rides very nicely, better than before I’d wager. Probably not going to commute to work just yet on it, gotta get some miles on this setup, recheck everything for tightness, and get some new mounts when I can.


But, after all that, the accident, seeing it in the garage all wrecked, seeing the extent of the damage, actually being able to fix it, getting it not even just legal, but safe? Yeah, that feels good. I even think it looks damn cool this way. I’ll be updating and replacing a few things here and there with higher quality parts or just different parts as budget and time allow. This winter I’ll be ripping the tank and intake manifold off to rewire about half the bike anyways so she might get a new tank too. It’s only like 101 outside, so I’ll see you nerds later.

Also, ImmortalMinority, get your ass to Tail of the Dragon, it’s a blast and I’d love to take the bike there. Dragon Pitt Inn & BBQ is usually where I stay since the guy who runs the place is always better than everywhere else I’ve stayed while down there. 

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