Today Nissan stopped by Cars and Coffee Irvine during its IDx in Socal event. I was there as the cars arrived to get some pictures and hobnob with Nissan PR folks and get as much information about the car. I didn't learn anything new from Nissan, even though I bribed them with Girl Scout cookies (what sort of human does not respond to Thin Mints?). I also did not get to sit in them, I was one of about 1000 people that asked the exasperated folks in charge of the cars, but I thought trading the privilege of using my Google Glass for a sit in the car would work. Not so much. I can say that the Freeflow IDx does have actual shag carpet and real denim seats, this should absolutely be an option and I would check that box.

There was also some more to Cars and Coffee Irvine than just IDx on Saturday. Some cool classic Datsun 510's, a classic Mini delivery van, Bisimoto 550 HP turbo CR-Z, and one saved Ferrari Enzo. Below are the Glasshole pics I have from this morning and a shaky cam video of the Free Flow actually moving on its own.

First off here is the IDx NISMO, fun fact it has a totally flat undercarriage, but mostly because it is a concept and not really meant for the streets.

People just crowded around it to get pictures and try to touch it, not pictured is the guy taken away by ninjas for actually touching the car.


The interior is race ready, just not FIA approved. I would like to point out that this is a two pedal car.

The Freeflow is the version I would prefer, I love the smoother lines and less busy body work.


Here is the interior shot with that cool shag carpet and denim seats, but maintaining the minimalist interior aspects like the door pull handles.


Here is that shaky cam video I was talking about.

IDx in Irvine

As for the other rides of note..

A sweet 510


On Mini delivery van.

A Bisi CR-Z pushing 550 hp and still a hybrid!


And one saved Enzo!

Edit: Nibbles ate some pictures...hope that is fixed. Because Kinja is a mean mean entity try this link Cars and Coffee Irvine Photos