It just occurred to my wife and I that we will likely be needing to get her something different to drive in the next year or so. We recently had our first child, and getting the car seat in/out of her car (a 2000 2-door Cavalier) isn't the easiest right now. Eventually our daughter will need a different car seat - one which doesn't just snap in/out, but requires her to be strapped in. This means my wife will have to climb in there facing the car seat - not an easy task when the front seat only folds/slides so far forward. I've been digging the idea of a plug-in hybrid, and I just noticed today how cheap the used Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) are getting. I saw one in my area down to about $21k.

Our requirements for a new (to us) vehicle would be:

1. Must have a large trunk/hatch - large enough to fit a folding stroller.

2. Must be better than her current vehicle on gas (which has probably been averaging ~26 MPG).

I'm not worried about range with the Leaf because she'd mostly be driving around town, and for any longer trips we'd use my car (a 2001 Civic).

I also kind of like the idea of the Nissan Juke AWD. It seems like it actually has quite a bit of ground clearance and a decent AWD system. I'll admit - when I first saw the Juke I thought it was hideous, but it's really starting to grow on me. It'd be a bit cheaper than the Leaf, but it looks like it doesn't have nearly the same trunk/hatch space, and the rear doors seem small, which could mean it is difficult to get a child in/out.

Anyway - what does everyone think of the Leaf? I know it's sort of the anti-vehicle around here, but for those of you who have driven one - how was it?