Nissan Maxima - an excellent full size sedan

As current car sale trends are going, it is clear the full size sedan is on its way out and the crossover is here to stay. It’s unfortunate since there are still some great full size cars out there. Over the past weekend I had a Nissan Maxima that I scored for $15 a day from Enterprise out of Boise, ID and enjoyed quite a bit. It’s decidedly quick, well appointed on the inside, and quite comfortable just cruising down the highway without being super floaty boaty.


And while I’m not a huge fan of the looks, it is far better than some of Nissan’s other offerings. I actually really liked older Maximas in terms of looks, they really did live up to their cheesey 4 door sports car tag line. But either way this car looked classy enough and had all the interior appointments to be interesting and useful. The infotainment worked well, the leather seats were very comfortable, and the dual zone climate worked well. The heat came on really quick and easily filled up the cavernous space in no time. Made for easy transport of my skis and luggage. Wish I could have just driven the car all the way back to LA considering my flight got canceled and I was stuck overnight anyways.

My girlfriend and I have very different temperature preferences lol

Overall, the Maxima was perfect for the trip and showed me that big sedans like this are just great for highway trips. While the ultimate highway cruiser is surely a mini van, these at least get a bit better gas mileage! No way would I want a crossover for the same task at all. But then again, cars like the Chevy Impala/Malibu that I have right now as a rental are just garbage in comparison. GM’s offering reminds me why full size cars are going the way of the do do. It doesn’t help that this one has a cigarette stench but either way the Maxima is just leagues better.

Idaho sure is beautiful!

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