Oh yes, he's doing this. 50-year-old man and Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer is bringing the hurt. Let's hope he's got an industrial strength flamesuit, because this is going to be intense.

When asked about the rear-drive sports car market, Mr. Palmer rhetorically asked,

"Do we have any competitors?"

But he's well aware of the latest offering from Toyota and Subaru, winning the hearts of automotive journalists and consumers alike.

"...the Subaru [BRZ]? It was a car designed for a 50-year-old. It’s for a midlife crisis. That’s not what we do.”

Damnnn. He continued,

"You’ll see the answer to the midlife crisis. Except it won’t be for the midlife crisis.”

Nissan is set to debut their new BRZ fighter concept at next month's Tokyo Motor Show. So where there's fighter concept cars, there's fighting words. Andy Palmer could be civil about this. He could be nonchalant about Nissan's devious plans. But instead he's letting his mouth write a check. Next month, we get to see if that check has any hope of being cashed.


Images from Wikimedia Commons and Subaru