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Niva Update-ish: Paging Duurtlang...(and other export/import knowledgeable or Euro Oppos) EDIT: Now with more pictures...

So I found a really helpful member of the Oppo community on Facebook who offered to help contact the seller (via his sister, who is a working linguist in Europe, thanks again!) And having someone speak to him on the phone in his own language seems to have worked, he is getting back in touch via e-mail and will send some additional pictures. I am then/now in the position of trying to actually BUY a car in Spain and get it to a port so it can be shipped over... I have a quote from ShipOverseas for $1350, which seems to include flatbed pickup at the seller’s location and trucking to the port (the clarity of their quote is unclear... should probably call them) but that’s a port to port price, I would still have to get it to the port. I have no experience in this and would love some tips/input/help if anyone can offer them!

Seller sent me some high-res pictures, still nothing of the undercarriage, but these look pretty amazingly rust-free. Seller says it’s got a few dents and scratches, but is in good shape generally, tires are brand new. He says he’s been driving it daily and it used to belong to his father. He sent me a video too, but it was corrupted and I could only recover audio, which sounds like a car starting easily, revving, and being driven around a parking garage for a minute or two.... I’ve asked him to resend it, but as we are going into Friday night and the weekend in Spain, I doubt I’ll hear back soon.


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