It sucks.

This is the 2.5 5 cylinder model.

The MXDM yaris with the manual gearbox feels faster, and it’s a lot cheaper. Granted, its a different car... But imagine what the competition does to the passat? A Mazda six blows it away

the engine, at best, feels like it’s breathing through a straw: it will not rev, it will not change down a gear...ever...

The steering wheel has as much resistance as a broken thrustmaster wheel and the steeringwheel does not adjust to my wierd liking of having the seat all the way back but the wheel near me, something every car I’ve been on that has adjustable steeringwheels does.


I was asked by my grandfather if I could pick his up at the dealer and it really, ugh...

This motherfucker deserves nothing more than to be put out to pasture. Its too old, too slow, too expensive for what you get, VW; you’re better than this car.