This can't be happening.

We changed the front struts today on the M3. Now the fucking tires rub on the strut!


The OEM front tire size is a 7.5 inch rim with 225 series tires on it. Mine has what I think is an 8.5 inch rim with 245 series tires on it. It didn't rub on the OEM struts, but these new Monroe OESpectrum struts have the tires rubbing so bad that I couldn't spin the wheel in the air. I'm so pissed at the PO who swapped in these tires it's not even funny.

My only hope would be that the rear tires are actually the front 7.5 inch wheels with 255 tires on them. There's plenty of signs showing this could be true like them being a different brand tire and having a lot of tire hanging off the rim, but I haven't been able to measure them.


If that's not the case and they're 8.5 inch rims all around I'm going to have to either get wheel spacers or buy new wheels. Wooo.

Guess what all this means? Back to the fucking Safari for me. Woopdie fucking do.

UPDATE: Front wheels are on the back of the car with 255 width tires on them. Skinnier wheels with wider tires on them, I can't with the previous owner. Seriously you idiot? Guess we're buying new 225 width tires and moving the current front ones back tomorrow.