This car is the worst. A hot hatch, that is lifted for no reason other than “Lift it a bit, wealthy Americans love “crossovers. They don’t buy hatchbacks”. It’s for chrome bits, and black wheels, and a silly rear wing, and OH My God it’s just so wrong. This car kinda makes me hate Mercedes and AMG

I’ll even give it the benefit of posting pics of it’s “good” sides.


Big doofy lookin taillights, and an out of place big strip of chome...

Oh and you gotta love how the roof line scoops in a slopes so much in the rear that this “crossover” has less rear cargo room than a Chevy Sonic. Seriously 4.1 cubic feet less. 43.6 in the GLA and 47.7 in the Sonic (both numbers are with the rear seats down)

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