What kind of free speech hating, commy loving, constitution violating bastards run this site anyway? All I wanted to do is make Lexus feel bad and make a witty "only the social elite like me will catch this reference" reference to an obscure film that is still relevant in my heart and to my unique personality. But noooooo, Lexus thinks they're better than us, and demanded that they be placed upon a pedestal far above where our lowly comments can reach them. Of course their ever loyal lap dogs at Jalopnik conceded immediately to their every wish. Pathetic.

ANYWAY. My super obscure and witty reference was supposed to be to this early 90's film you've probably never heard of, but if you catch the reference, it means we're like totally internet brothers on the front lines against internet tyranny like this. No, stop that. We don't high five, we only brush the hair out of our eyes and say "chya, totally."

Title of the article:

Witty yet edgy response:


Yep. I'm bored. Satire is fun.