I wanted to have fun on the back roads tomorrow, but it seems like doing literally anything will cause this car to panic violently before spitting out a random emissions code from the computer. Ah, the joys of owning a beat up car that just wants out of purgatory.

In other less car-related news, my phone’s USB port no longer functions as a USB port. My ability to shuffle files on and off of it is now by proxy through cloud services like Google Drive. Charging it can only be performed by doing a voodoo ritual around an inductive charging pad that only works 3 times before the phone needs to be rebooted due to a memory leak of some sort that basically makes it pretend there’s no charger when there is.

This Droid Turbo has been great, but now it’s falling apart at the seams for no apparent reason other than “I’m old and I should be replaced!”

Also, Kinja appears to not let me reply to any of your comments (again,) so...