driving in the right lane of a city street next to a brown tdi sportwagen (very jalop) pulling a small utility trailer. We’ve been next to each other for miles. I look out the window at random to see his signal is on to indicate he wants to come over into my lane. He’s still slightly behind me and i have a relatively large gap in front i thought i would slow down and let him in front of me. I do this and at the same moment (i guess assuming his signal pleas have gone unanswered) he slows way down. Thinking I’m blocking him out of his turn he lays on his horn and flips me off and calls me things. I realize he has guessed wrong about my intentions and So I speed up to allow him to get behind me, then he stars weaving around tailgating me to let me know I’ve meet with his displeasure. I tap a little on my brakes to remind him of physics and move on.

Look i understand that he assumes the worst in people...i would too...but maybe, mr. Brown wagon angry pants, this all could have been avoided by getting into your lane earlier than 100 feet before your turn came up.

I know i should not have brake checked, even a little, but instinct takes over a little. Would have been fun to explain all this to him after he smudged my trailer hitch though.

/typed on a phone (not driving) so hopefully its all there