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South Dakota joins Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

This includes all portions of I-90 and I-29, except for sections that are already limited below the speed limit (such as cities).


It was part of a road/bridge funding bill that was recently passed, causing great rejoicing for those who drive any portion of the mind-numbing stretches of I-90 between Mitchell, SD and Rapid City, SD. On a slightly more sour note, it came with a 6 cent gas and ethyl alcohol tax increase as well as a 1% increase on the excise fee (our version of sales tax) for vehicle purchases, raising it to 4%. Lastly, vehicle registration taxes have increased 20%.

The tax and fee increases are said to bring in about $86 million in the first year, with everything going towards road/bridge funds, either at the state or local level.

Illustration for article titled No Joke, South Dakota now has 80 mph Interstates.…

On one hand, I'm not looking forward to paying more in vehicle taxes and fuel, but on the other, South Dakota has long needed to repair its roads/bridges, and since everything in the bill is going towards some type of road or bridge funding, then I can easily stomach this. I drive 170+ miles four days a week for my work commute, and it'll be worth it to me.


  • Ten percent of South Dakota's major roads are in poor condition. Driving on roads in need of repair costs South Dakota motorists $224 million a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $368 per motorist.
  • Twenty-four percent of South Dakota's bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

See Congress, even South Dakota knows that roads/bridges need to be fixed and has taken steps to fix them.

EDIT: Another older source that states the conditions of SD roads.

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