No Longer Miata-less

Picked up this 2009 Touring with 28k miles from an elderly couple downsizing their fleet. Standard car aside from the Suspension Package:


It was a very unloved little car - parked outside uncovered and rarely moved. Oil was last changed at 25k miles in 2017. I’ll be getting that and a new coolant tank (preventative) + flush done on Monday.

As it was pretty unloved, it does have some needs. It could use a new top as it has small 3-4" separation at the seams on the rear quarters of the top. I cleaned as best I could, but it probably needs another thorough cleaning literally everywhere. Fluids all need baselined, starting with an oil change and fresh coolant/new expansion tank. Any other recommendations from Oppos? Brake fluid most likely as well.

Wheels are all in good shape and are wearing newish Continentals with 2017 date codes. Interior looks like new after I cleaned it. Windows are nasty, but should clean up well, too.

The front bumper has been repainted at some point, and rather poorly (look how bad the match is). There isn’t any damage underneath that I could spot, so I’m guessing it was a cosmetic thing. That didn’t bother me as I’m planning on a NC3 Club swap on it anyway, so I’ll just have to get to a shop that can actually match the Marble White paint.


I’m super stoked to have a fun car again!

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