We were also observed by many aliens, clickbait.... Many critters in Drake’s Estero, Pt. Reyes. It’s about 19 miles from our place out to the kayak launch where an oyster farm used to be. It’s been totally returned to nature now. Seal pup season ended and this area opened up in July but I couldn’t get out there. There are still many young seals in there, I often counted more than thirty little heads watching us from all sides. There are a lot! I only saw this one river otter when we first put the kayak in the water, he came up on shore and had a look around and I barely had time to get my big camera out and turn it on and take the cap off. We did see leopard sharks but they are camo and swim along in the shallows so it’s pretty much impossible to get a picture of them unless they come right next to you and stop swimming. I found the Sir Francis Drake monument, it just happened to be near the beach we landed on by the ocean. I guess they brought the anchor from England in the 50's and put this up, there is an engraved stone marker in the high grass there as well. I read up on his thirty day stay in this area the night before, interesting story. I guess he left a lot of porcelain with the Miwok Indians when he left, they had plundered it from a Spanish ship as retribution for the Spanish attacking an English ship earlier. So people have found pieces of bowls and experts have dated it to that time. It’s crazy to think he brought the Golden Hind into this estuary and rolled it on it’s side for repairs at low tide. We didn’t see another humans (just aliens) until we left and you can’t see anything man made deep in the estuary, all the way to the ocean, (besides the monument), so the view could be any date in history, always nice to get out somewhere like that.