Fuel is too cheap, and that’s why you can’t have nice things.

According to Mazda’s Robert Davis, the capacity of the Mexican plant in Salamanca is too small to supply the US market as well, and there’s also the lack of demand because everyone wants the biggest truck because fuel prices will never, ever go back up and climate change isn’t happening.


Sorry, where was I? Oh yes: Mazda. Mr Davis’ reasoning doesn’t quite add up, methinks, but the result is the same: no bundle of cheap fun for you. According to European tests, the Mazda 2 is the one supermini that gives a Fiesta a run for its money in the driving fun stakes, whilst being a bit more grown up and long distance comfy as well. And very considerably nicer looking, IMHO.

Not to worry, though: the US will still get the version that’s been beaten up with the ugly stick so bad that it’s been left for dead in the ditch: the Scion iA.

Sorry, couldn’t resist showing it next to the Mazda 2. I’m a bad person.

Source: Automotive news via Autoweek.nl