As of today, my wife and I only have one debt: our mortgage. We paid off her 2013 Mazda CX-5, bought new in December 2012 (my 2008 Mazda3 has no payment, thank God). Of course, the moment is bittersweet, because the only way we are paying it off is due to the distribution of my late grandfather's estate. I'd rather have him here than a paid for car. But, I know he would be glad to see us almost out of debt. He wasn't a supporter of too much obligations as far as money goes.

Pic is from our biggest snow in Kentucky this past winter. CX-5 handled it like a boss, even with no all-wheel-drive.

Of course, when we bought the CX-5, my wife and I were both making a lot more money. But, the market crashed again, affecting her sales commission (she is a mortgage loan processor). And, I lost my job in April. So, things have been really tough. I'm just glad we made it until the estate got settled without having to rack up credit card debt or bother family members for a loan. With this car payment out of the way, we are a lot more stable, even with me still being out of work. For once, things are looking up. Hooray!