Well the (automotive) headlines are awash with new that Jeremy has been officially sacked. But really, should we expect anything less then a spectacular crash and burn to end the greatest motoring show of all time?

To be honest, the last few seasons had been a bit boring/predictable to me. Nothing like the magic that was around series 10. Remember when they did the road trip to discover the Stelvio pass? Fantastic. This series seemed to be a slight return to the real shenanigans that made the show great. But who knows how long it could last? I'm slightly glad that we don't have to endure another downturn and it ended on a higher note. I think none of the presenters would have stopped unless one of them died and they may have just continued on with Jay-Kay as a permanent guest. Who knows. But really at least there is a slight bit of drama in the final stages with us, the fans, wanting more. I'd rather it end like that than with me wondering when the "best of" album was going to happen and could they please get on with it.