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No more skiing?

Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company have both announced they are shutting down their resorts (over 50 mountains between them, including many big names) starting tomorrow. Vail has announced a shutdown of a week, while Alterra is closed indefinitely. It seems unlikely the situation will be noticeably different in a week. We will have to see if other mountains follow their lead, or try to take advantage of reduced competition to cash in.

Edit: Looks like Powdr has shut down well, adding another 10 or so mountains to the list. The last major resort company, Boyne has shut down some of its resorts, but has others open. Independent operations seem to be staying open at this point.


Lifts and slopes don’t seem like they should be that dangerous, but tight quarters in lodges seem like the sort of thing that should be avoided.


Link in case Kinja:

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