I never thought I’d have a machine like this. Thanks to a friend of mine who manages to score all sorts of great deals on used late-model computer parts, usually by buying up people’s unwanted or unaffordable builds, the Hackintosh in its current form has probably reached its pinnacle. It started out as a $200 HP 8300 CMT with an i7-3770 with 8gb of RAM and a 2TB HD. Over the last few weeks, thanks to my friend’s dealmaking I’ve added this 1000W power supply (not exactly an easy install thanks to HP’s non-standard wiring), a Blu-ray burner, 32gb of RAM, and a 4TB HD, all for the princely sum of $185 plus an Acer Ferrari monitor (see, there was automotive content included).


 Combined with the GTX 1080 found on clearance at Micro Center and the 500gb SSD picked up on a one-day sale I’m good to go for a little while. Yeah, the CPU is a little old and the RAM slow by today’s standards, but it’ll do for now. And when it comes time for a new build most of this stuff can easily go into the new machine. I’ll consider doing the upgrade once RAM prices return to normal, which I understand should happen in early 2019, or whenever my friend scores another motherboard/CPU/RAM combo he doesn’t want.

Now to load up Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, and all those other sims I couldn’t run properly before. With that in mind, I’m a little disappointed that my vacation will actually be spent traveling instead of geeking out in front of the computer...

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