What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled No need for death sticks on my coilover install!

I was looking up the instructions on how to install coilovers on my Miata since I needed a refresher before I go and do that job some time later this week. Was worried slightly about using some spring compressor “death sticks” for this job, but realized that the way I am swapping them from one car to the other, I wont need them! I will be able to take the complete assembly out of each car and just swap them over without taking any assemblies apart. So it should be a simple bolt out and bolt in procedure. It will take some time for sure since I will basically be doing the entire job twice (oem assemblies out of the new car, FM coil assemblies out of the old car, oem assemblies into the old car, and FM coil assemblies into the new car). Plus arranging 8 jack stands and getting both cars securely in the air and all of that. Since I dont have to mess with spring compressors though, it should mostly be smooth sailing. I recall that being the most time consuming thing during the original install and certainly the only dangerous part. So, soon enough I shall have a proper suspension setup on the new Miata!


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