Had a little trouble getting it back. Ran fine when the PO was giving me a run round the block, but halfway back it decided it wanted to run really badly. Bucked and stuttered under acceleration, and died if you weren’t keeping the revs up. This was compounded by a known starting issue where the starter motor clicks but doesn’t want to engage. Managed to get it back eventually though. 

Pretty much sorted the running issues. Turns out a little sensor blank on the inlet manifold had come loose causing a boost leak, and replacing that (with some loctite this time) brought the idle back and improved running immensely. Still bucks very occasionally, which I think is a combination of the factory boost sensor cutting ignition at .7 bar and an aftermarket bleed valve causing it to exceed that on occasion. Disconnected the boost cut (a common and dead simple mod) so we’ll see how that goes next time I take it out :)

Also think we’ve tracked down the starting issues. Whoever put it together used top-spec boost clamps, but decided that 4mm cable was sufficient for both starter and alternator cabling when the battery is at the other end of the car. Whatsmore, I don’t think they were very bothered by wires and vac lines chafing on stuff as there’s barely a cable tie on the thing and the alternator cable has chafed/melted through its coating.

Also replaced the door locks as there was no key, and will replace the ‘bucket’ seats as they’re uncomfortable, and various other little bits and pieces (carbon fibre wrap on a car from the 1980s doesn’t sit quite right to me).

I now sort of get what people mean by not picking up other people’s projects. It takes a fair amount of Sherlocking to work out what’s been done to different bits and pieces if you don’t get the info when you buy it, and the workmanship in places can be...interesting... (I wonder whether people will think ‘what the hell was this guy thinking’ if they come into possession of one of my projects...)

Still wouldn’t necessarily advise against it, just be sure you know what you’re getting into. Just because someone else has finished their project, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get in and drive around trouble-free.